Stop purchasing single-use plastics

Thursday , March 15, 2018 - 6:00 AM1 comment

I am writing in regards to the multiple articles written about the region’s recycling issues. While this is important for the time being, we do need to shift some our focus to address the core issue: reducing plastic production.

Plastic has become a cheap convenience and is getting out of hand. Since 2010, U.S. fossil fuel companies have invested $186 billion into facilities creating raw material for plastics and nearly half of the 318 projects have been completed. Creating these plastics has become a huge environmental and health concern as we have seen along the infamous Cancer Alley, in our rivers and in our oceans.

With every bottle of soda we purchase, we are supporting a toxic environment. What happens if we put pressure on companies who mindlessly stock our stores with single-use plastics such as manufacturers of soda and disposable utensils? If we write to these companies or stop purchasing these products, they will get the message. By starting with this small sacrifice, we all can wean ourselves off single-use plastics. It’s a step to improve our health, its’s a step to improve our environment, and it’s a step to reduce our recycling and waste.

Justin Leiter


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